Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pocket Reduction

When gum disease advances, it can create deep pockets in the gums that harbor bacteria and perpetuate the cycle of gum disease. When these pockets are too large to heal on their own, a pocket reduction procedure is necessary. We can provide pocket reduction for gums so they can heal healthy and disease-free.

In order to clear up gum disease, the bacteria within the gums need to be removed. This is done through a scaling and planing. During this process, the bacteria are removed and the tooth is smoothed down to remove rough spots where bacteria could be hiding. After this is complete, the gums may not go back to normal. Sometimes the deep pockets that were created stick around; which will allow more bacteria to take up residence and continue to disease the gums.

To begin pocket reduction, your dentist will lift the gums up and away so that the deepest bacteria can be reached and removed. After the bacteria are cleared out from the gums and teeth, your dentist will replace the gum tissue so that it is tight against your teeth.

The goal of this procedure is to create a gum line that is natural. It should be loose enough for normal at-home cleaning but tight enough so that bacteria cannot reach deep down.

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